All VetAIS modules are developed with a high focus on easy-to-use interface whilst maintaining an efficient workflow.


Below you can see list of main modules with basic description of functionality and features of each module.


Registration module

  • evidence of all clients and patients
  • registration features of incoming clients, evidence of client status and movements in clinics
  • patient urgency cases evidence
  • cash office sub module
  • client questionare sub module
  • patient full medical outcome book
  • CMS evidence
  • documents templares editor


Vaccination module

  • evidence of vaccination schemes and including steps
  • chipping, tattoo submodules
  • remote chipping registers and chips reading devices interface
  • epidemiology sub module
  • diagnoses and epidemiology groups evidence
  • state based documents sub module (trasnfering evidence, examination diagnoses evidence)
  • automatic connection to diary module


Medical module

  • evidence of patient in queue, evidence cases and included examinations
  • image viewer and external files sub module
  • anamnesis sub modules in structured base MIDT and predefined texts as well
  • clinical sub modules MIDT (therapy, cardiology, stomatology, dermatology, ophtalmology, neurology) and ultrasound MIDT modules (livers, kidneys, gallbladder, bladder, uterus, ovaries, prostate, adrenal, lymphatic nodes)
  • structured plans for therapy, diagnostics and owners with integrated steps and partial steps
  • plans products medical recommendation module MRM
  • printing sub module with predefined printing schemas and schema editor
  • outcome of patient case
  • fulltext outpatient book
  • laboratory sub module with electronic request system
  • operation and surgery sub module
  • user audit


Economy module

  • stock items evidence (various pricelists, collected items, items dosage, items indication and contra indication values …)
  • list of economy subject, currencies, numerous sequencies, stocks, items types
  • purcase evidence, list of suppliers, suppliers details
  • sales statistics, stocks amount statistics
  • import and exports


Users module

  • evidence of users, user’s functions, clinics and departments
  • user rights sub module
  • duties evidence
  • access rights


Diary module

  • appointments evidence of all users, clinics, clients and patients
  • duties automaticall creator
  • exporting module for online calendars (iCal, Google Calendar)


Manager module

  • CMS evidence
  • users logs and access overview
  • medical statistics of cases, examinations, diagnoses, hospitalizations, steps
  • economy statistics of cashflow, progress in time, stock prices 
  • automatical mailing templates creator


Other modules

  • DD (Automatic data distribution utility for remote clinics)
  • Synchronization module for remote export/import clients/patients and medical data
  • SQL module
  • CSV import module
  • VetAIS Sender module (system service for automaticall sending SMS/emails notifications)
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