8.8.2018 - we are happy to announce new version of VetAIS system, again with more like 250 changes and improvements. List of main important changes you can see bellow.

  • we added structured list of medical specializations and group of specializations what we use in Users module, Medical module and Economy module;
  • in User module are specializations set for each user, this information can be shared to CosmoVet also
  • in Economy module are specializations set to any existing stock item together with email address;
  • in Medical module, during therapy, if any specializations are set, automatically sent information email to specified doctor
  • medical users can now connect own user account with account on CosmoVet cloud system, then can easily share any existing examination for example to consultancy.
  • in Medical module can users now create own full structured protocols, split more protocols together or insert another protocol into second one 

And many additional changes. For update please ask local distributor or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


25.10.2017 - After huge developement work we are very happy to announce new version of VetAIS information system. Here are again more than 400 changes and improvements. One of most important feature what we are very pleasure to announce is full automatic API support of new project as fully structured and cloud based medical card and social platform available for all VetAIS users. Stay in touch for more details!

Full list of changes is available in change-log document, highly awaited changes are:


  • new medical modules for ophtalmology and endoscopy with more than 200 new fully structored parameters
  • in Diary module we add new feature with flags and types for each appoitment, overview based by users
  • for Economy module we developed new version of inventory system, transfer between stocks, new statistics of gross profit for all types/groups of items, generation of clinic Statements with easy and very effective overview of daily changes, recommendation of items proposed in medical module on Reception desk
  • for Medical module here is new version of outpatient information with easy selection of each medical protocol, new printouts where you can easily set what protocol and how will be printed, new version of import/export sync mechanism between different VetAIS installation, flags for examinations for better marking important cases
  • changes in Medical audit module where you can now do audit directly from outpatient book and each user can see audit result and notes in User card
  • new version of VetAISSender service for SMS/Email automatic sending mechanism
  • all VetAIS services can be also installed as Windows-based service
  • support of new version of PostgreSQL database engine

And many additional changes. For update please ask local distributor or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


20.10.2015 - We are very happy to announce new version of VetAIS information system. From last  main update we did more than 350 changes and improvements. Full list of changes is available in change-log document, highly awaited changes are:

  • new medical case history print, it was completelly re-designed and printed via new method including graphical notices in each part
  • medical inverse printout can be set based on computer
  • new feature with pre-defined items: any diary appointment can have pre-defined stock item what can be easily transfered into therapy or denied by owner, all is tracked in medical documentation as well
  • for diary event can se set any diagnoses to better track you event list
  • each diary event have complete list of history of changes where you can see changes based on client wish, changes based on clinict needs etc.
  • in diary daily/weekly/monthly overview you can set different font size
  • in diary event information overview can be set what information from event will be visible
  • new database indexing model thanks to we rapidly increase speed in all modules, mainly in Medical and Economy, based on our measurement speed was increased from 3x-10x comparing to previous version and depends to specific module
  • MIDT interface now support conditional parameters what are showed in protocol depends to other values you set in superior parameters
  • MIDT table item can include combo boxes now
  • support of both-pages printing 

And many many more changes. For update please ask local distributor or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


05.05.2015 - Spring is approaching and we are still in huge developement!  We are very happy to be able announce new VetAIS version including more than 250 new features and changes in our software solution, let us to introduce some of main changes:

  • in all medical MIDT protocols you can set visibility of each parameter and also you can set default sorting of parameters (for example to show all parameters, critical parameters only etc.)
  • all medical MIDT parameters are including now online link to VetAIS Online encyclopedia what is under developement and expanding now
  • Economy module: shared accounts, for each account you can set schemas of percentage sharing your staff based on each items, stock type or stock item group
  • patient identification module including full integration with PetBase online database of chipping with automatic storing your chip registration online
  • Economy module: we fully support new feature for re-sale items between more economical subject 
  • Diary module: changes in showing each evens and visibility in daily/weekly/monthly overview your events and staff duties as well
  • new email templates for automatic email sending of clients account or patient laboratory result when it finished
  • new SQL Wizard module templates for statistics based on patient age, date of registration, clients accounts, laboratory results

 And many many more, detailed list of improvements you can see in our changelog. Do not hesitate to update your VetAIS installation and enjoy it!


31.12.2014 - Happy New Year! With this special occasion we would like to introduce new VetAIS update. After months of particular updates we are happy to release new version including more than 500 changes and improvements. As small New Year gift we finished structural medical modules MIDT for Ultrasound and EKG. Our unique medical database including now more than 470 structured parameters and 1123 values. We are sure you will enjoy it! List of other main changes you can see bellow.

  • new submodule Notepad in Registration, for smaller clinics who are interested to store and print quick notes
  • new Medical and Laboratory printout reports, all with header based on clinics information instead of Economy subject values
  • SQL Wizard module for simply creating own database queries
  • SMS module for sending SMS messages of diary, for automatic sending laboratory results, to send information for clients based on your own queries
  • TV Module easy way how to show patients queue on waiting room in your clinic
  • new Outpatient book with filter to each case, exam or module
  • Laboratory improvements with new laboratory value type "text" as one row value
  • more Economy improvements as calculation of stock values, purchasing, returning sold items or whole documents and many more
  • integration of Crystal Pirit cash devices


3.7.2014 - we would like to introduce new VetAIS update including more than 300 changes and improvements:

  • new mechanism for Laboratory module with type of parameters (value, template texts, selection ..)
  • improvement in INDEXX integration for update or delete request
  • new medical audit module with users rating and notes evidence and information module during start of VetAIS
  • users personal card in User module
  • user interface changes, color setting for each tab and feature to set what table columns should be visible
  • Economy module changes of purchase and transfering items
  • VetShop changes for faster and more effective user workflow
  • releasing of Proplan MRM module with new version for printing or email sending of recommendations


14.2.2014 - new update available with many new functions:

  • separate Laboratory module
  • new module Shop and pre-release version of Call Manager module
  • medical audit module improvement with time analyse of user's workflow
  • new module of Cash management
  • new libraries for graphs
  • new library of printing module
  • improvements of chat module
  • changes and new features in client's advances

1.9.2013 - new version released including these main changes:

  • hospitalization module with structured plans and management
  • new Manager module with medical, economy and users statistics
  • SQL query submodule is available in Registration (public queries only)
  • GUI changes in docking, all windows are docked in main window now
  • added photo of patients

9.7.2013 - new version released including these main changes:

  • CMS system of clients
  • Docking system of main windows
  • editor of document with templates
  • new look and feel of grafical interface
  • improved laboratory graphs in Medical module
  • added graphs in medical MIDT parameters
  • Economy module improved cash evidence, stocks transfers, clients scores


Our planned meetings and exhibitions:

  • 09.03.-15.03.2013, Moscow, Sankt Petersburg, RF
  • 15.11.-15.12.2012, Moscow, RF


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