Adequate education that is enshrined in quality is indispensable in every domain of human work. The character of veterinary practice and work with patients certainly requires a high level of education.

VetAIS as one of the first fully structured information systems for veterinary practice not only focused on a high quality commercial prodcut for clinics, but also provided an ideal tool for postgraduates of doctors and specialists.

Thanks to the implemented technologies MIDT and VetDIS standards our product is ideally placed for both ordinary public practices and further education establishments.


VetAIS includes a complete structured tree of medical data with a plethora of options for managing and utilizing a universal database internationally.

These factors alone make VetAIS the ideal option for all research centres and intensely specialized clinics. 

Our company is now already collaborating on development with selected universities in Russian federation and European Union, mainly on professional specifications of medical modules.

In connection with this, we also offer a special licence program for education and development within, based on additional contract, possibly to buy VetAIS by at special conditions or using it for free.

In case of interest of cooperation, please contact us.


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