VetAIS сложная модульная информационная система ветеринарных клиник и кабинетов на основе более чем 10-летним опытом и настроить с пожеланиями заказчика и лучший пользовательский опыт.

VetAIS является клинической базой данных на основе полной структуры модели данных предложить лучшую производительность в хранении и quering медицинских данных для обычных ежедневных Practis на профессиональное исследования Scientifics.

VetAIS включая полный экономики и статистики часть для создания наиболее часто и наиболее важным экономики статистику каждого практика.

VetAIS основана на последних стандартов технологии, чтобы соответствовать высоким requrements текущего дня и предложить multiplathform работает для всех важных систем, таких как Windows, Apple Mac OS и Linux систем.



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phone: 00420 272 272 000, 00420 211 153 100


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Adequate education that is enshrined in quality is indispensable in every domain of human work. The character of veterinary practice and work with patients certainly requires a high level of education.

VetAIS as one of the first fully structured information systems for veterinary practice not only focused on a high quality commercial prodcut for clinics, but also provided an ideal tool for postgraduates of doctors and specialists.

Thanks to the implemented technologies MIDT and VetDIS standards our product is ideally placed for both ordinary public practices and further education establishments.


VetAIS includes a complete structured tree of medical data with a plethora of options for managing and utilizing a universal database internationally.

These factors alone make VetAIS the ideal option for all research centres and intensely specialized clinics. 

Our company is now already collaborating on development with selected universities in Russian federation and European Union, mainly on professional specifications of medical modules.

In connection with this, we also offer a special licence program for education and development within, based on additional contract, possibly to buy VetAIS by at special conditions or using it for free.

In case of interest of cooperation, please contact us.




Thank you for your interest in demoversion of VetAIS system.

User experience and high quality control are essential to us during the development of our system.

Currently we propose the private demo version for selected clinics and university after special agreement only.

Please contact us, if you are interested in private testing to clarify your wishes and needs.

Thank you for the understanding.





All VetAIS modules are developed with a high focus on easy-to-use interface whilst maintaining an efficient workflow.


Below you can see list of main modules with basic description of functionality and features of each module.


Registration module

  • evidence of all clients and patients
  • registration features of incoming clients, evidence of client status and movements in clinics
  • patient urgency cases evidence
  • cash office sub module
  • client questionare sub module
  • patient full medical outcome book
  • CMS evidence
  • documents templares editor


Vaccination module

  • evidence of vaccination schemes and including steps
  • chipping, tattoo submodules
  • remote chipping registers and chips reading devices interface
  • epidemiology sub module
  • diagnoses and epidemiology groups evidence
  • state based documents sub module (trasnfering evidence, examination diagnoses evidence)
  • automatic connection to diary module


Medical module

  • evidence of patient in queue, evidence cases and included examinations
  • image viewer and external files sub module
  • anamnesis sub modules in structured base MIDT and predefined texts as well
  • clinical sub modules MIDT (therapy, cardiology, stomatology, dermatology, ophtalmology, neurology) and ultrasound MIDT modules (livers, kidneys, gallbladder, bladder, uterus, ovaries, prostate, adrenal, lymphatic nodes)
  • structured plans for therapy, diagnostics and owners with integrated steps and partial steps
  • plans products medical recommendation module MRM
  • printing sub module with predefined printing schemas and schema editor
  • outcome of patient case
  • fulltext outpatient book
  • laboratory sub module with electronic request system
  • operation and surgery sub module
  • user audit


Economy module

  • stock items evidence (various pricelists, collected items, items dosage, items indication and contra indication values …)
  • list of economy subject, currencies, numerous sequencies, stocks, items types
  • purcase evidence, list of suppliers, suppliers details
  • sales statistics, stocks amount statistics
  • import and exports


Users module

  • evidence of users, user’s functions, clinics and departments
  • user rights sub module
  • duties evidence
  • access rights


Diary module

  • appointments evidence of all users, clinics, clients and patients
  • duties automaticall creator
  • exporting module for online calendars (iCal, Google Calendar)


Manager module

  • CMS evidence
  • users logs and access overview
  • medical statistics of cases, examinations, diagnoses, hospitalizations, steps
  • economy statistics of cashflow, progress in time, stock prices 
  • automatical mailing templates creator


Other modules

  • DD (Automatic data distribution utility for remote clinics)
  • Synchronization module for remote export/import clients/patients and medical data
  • SQL module
  • CSV import module
  • VetAIS Sender module (system service for automaticall sending SMS/emails notifications)
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