Care about public health and control in all domains in veterinary and economic practices are a very important area, which place a high demand on effectiveness and accuracy in processing data, as well as the speed with which and you can share vital and important information.


Complete structured database model of VetAIS allow to make unique tool, specialy dedicated for electronic cooperation and exchanging data between the offices of state administration,  veterinary inspections and commercial clinics.


VetAIS includes a special epidemiological module, which is an easy and effective way to generate forms and reports for state and veterinary administrations for automatic collecting and exchanging of data.


This method of collection and broadcasting data is steadily developed under the strict supervision of the State Veterinary Clinic of St. Petersburg, RF (www) who help supervise and develop this technology and who are already taking advantage of our software in their clinics.


The main area of using Epidemiological module are especially:

  • epidemiological statistics and reports
  • statements and reports of controlled diseases, their progress and the result of healing
  • economic reports in veterinary practice
  • statements about vaccination, chipping and deworming of patient


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