VetAIS is the affordable way to ensure well-being and safety. It allows you to stay demanding and uncompromising with your requirements because our information system with regards to veterinary practice is incomparible.


Functionality, design, ergonomics and user experience are key components in our software and the foundation to the success of our products. Our unique method empowers us to develop and deliver a remarkable and very satisfying business solution.


It is our pleasure that we can offer you this product which will fascilitate your company immensely.


Let us present you to the basic features of the VetIAIS system.

is a complex modular information system of veterinary clinics and surgeries based on more than 10 years of developing and user's experiences from our previous veterinary products.

VetAIS is a clinical database, based on a full structure data model to propose the best performance in storage and quering of medical data from the ordinary daily practice to the profesional scientific studies. 

VetAIS includes a fully integrated economic and statistical performance for creating the most important and widely used data of each practice.

VetAIS uses most advance medical engines VetDIS and MIDT to provide high quality medicine product with worldwide support. 

VetAIS is moulded on the latest technological standards to ensure it fits the demanding requirements of vets today and right now is already being advanced to run across a multi-platform (Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux) simultaneously with our web application which is already in development.