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Setting of special VetAIS license

In special cases where VetAIS is configured on server with multiple databases but one program sources you will need to set license for each database. Please remember, each database need to have own license, license cannot be shared for more databases!   Own license for each database you can set by this steps: a) create folder in main VetAIS directory, for example «c:\vetais\licenses\» b) take your license file and rename it, for example to «vetais-license-dbname.lic» […]

Exellio printers basic connection

Basic connection you can set in Connectivity Manager / Printers. a) from Print method selection box select «Exellio» b) select model to «any model» c) set IP address of your printer d) check if file «exelliofp.dll» and «exelliofp1.lic» existing in main program folder (usually c:\vetais\), if not, please download it here http://www.vetais.com/sw/exellio/exellio.zip e) Exellio license file can be different based on device you use, please contact device´s support company for details   Example of setting […]

Automatic time check in VetAIS with NTP server

VetAIS during start automatically check pre-configured NTP server to compare with local time. In case of internet connection problem or problems with configured server you can do following settings: a) in XML configuration you can set flag «skip_ntp_server_date_time_check» to 1 to disable whole check (available in version from 202104XX and older) or set each separate server b) in XML as ntp_server1,ntp_server2,ntp_server3 or ntp_server4 values c) this settings can be also editable in «.config/» folder in […]

Java Runtime for VetAIS

Recommended Java for VetAIS.   How to update JRE after WebUpdate: a) stop all VetAIS services (like backup, sender) b) in main VetAIS folder (c:\vetais\) delete or rename «jre» folder (like «jre.old») c) run file «c:\vetais\jre.exe» to unpack last recommended Java JRE   Manual update: We recommend to use 32bit 1.8 AdoptOpenJDK.net Java distribution (https://adoptopenjdk.net/) with OpenJ9 memory management. Download link you can found here: https://adoptopenjdk.net/releases.html?variant=openjdk8&jvmVariant=openj9 For VetAIS produced in RDP scenario we propose use […]

Перевод слов в ВетАИС ,добавление и изменение названий в программе.

Разные языковые версии позволяют использовать ветаис в разных странах, простая и удобная система редактирования названий позволяет настроить программу под себя.  

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