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!!!Внимание!!! Обязательные работы с базой данных,индексация,вакуум базы данных и др.

Данные операции используются для повышения производительности баз данных и как следствие значительное ускорения работы. Размеры баз данных : Небольшая — до 5Гб Средняя — от 6 до 15Гб Большая — более 15Гб

VetAIS client installation on apple MacOS/OS X

VetAIS is fully writen in Java language and can be use on MacOS/OS X operating systems. Please see paragraph «Know issues» on the bottom of this article for current status.   For installation on MacOS/OX systems please follow steps bellow: install Sun Java JDK 1.8 enviroment from vendor link here or vendor site copy VetAIS folder from another PC client in network or from server copy this folder into /Users/[username]/vetais/ folder on Mac go into /Users/[username]/vetais/lib/ folder […]

VetAIS settings of client or single workstation

VetAIS client or workstation can be running on Linux based operating system with installed X server. For Java please use Sun Java JRE instead of OpenJRE release, reffer to current packaging system of Linux distribution you use.   Basic starting script is located in main VetAIS directory called «vetaisapp.jar». With this file you can start VetAIS simply by command: «jre -jar vetaisapp.jar»   Important information about SWT library. VetAIS use graphical SWT library what is […]

VetAIS manual — TV configuration

1) Basic information 2) Installation 3) VetAIS TV settings   1) Basic information VetAIS TV module is standalone utility what can be used to show on PC screen with list of waiting clients and patients in VetAIS registration queue.   2) Installation   VetAIS TV can be started directly from VetAIS in Connection manager, tab services. Another way is starting VetAIS TV with this simple vetaistv.bat file (if its missing in your installation, it can […]

Setting for RDP

For using VetAIS on server with RDP access (multiple instances on one PC machine) please do these settings:   in main VetAIS folder on server (usually c:\vetais\) edit file: .config\default_settings.xml set here value use_os_login_name:1 in main VetAIS folder create file (admin_settings.cfg) with two parameters (this file you can download here): one_instance:0 one_instance_rdp:1  

VetAIS manual — IDEXX configuration version 1.0, 12.9.2016

1) Basic information 2) Connection topology 3) Technical specification 4) IDEXX VetLab station configuration 5) VetAIS configuration 5.1 Technical settings in Connectivity manager 5.2 Laboratory values settings 6) Exporting and importing mechanism 6.1) generating a request 1) Basic information This manual describes how to connect IDEXX laboratory system into VetAIS. VetAIS uses for propoper communication new IDEXX PC software called IDEXX VetLab station version 2.0. Please ask your local IDEXX distributor for VetLab station software. […]

Linux server installation and update

VetAIS can be provided on linux-based machine as server or client. Clients side have some limitations depends to linux distribution. Important informations: For all cases need to be used official Sun Java JRE 1.8 (not OpenJDK), installation of Sun Java JRE can differ depends to distribution. Here you can find manual for Ubuntu-based distributions. For VetAIS linux server you do not keep any VetAIS files on server, you just need to have PostgreSQL server installed […]

VetAIS — allow database connect from Internet/local network

PostgreSQL server have in most cases allowed connection from localhost only. Network connection are not permitted. If you are interested to allow any network connection, it can be from another local LAN network or also from Internet, you need to edit configuration of PostgreSQL. Note: for Internet access you probably need to configure your router or another device you use for internet access on side where is database! PostgreSQL configuration of access is stored in […]

VetAIS — web access via WebSwing

For remote access into VetAIS you can use WebSwing technology thanks to you can provide VetAIS via classic web browser. To set up you need to follow these steps: WebSwing need to be configured and running on some PC, mostly server in your network in your router device what you use for Internet access you need to set «NAT port forwarding» or «Virtual PC» or «Demilitarized zone» to this local IP for access you can […]

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